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 A general welcome to new forum members

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PostSubject: A general welcome to new forum members   Wed Oct 15, 2008 2:56 am

Hello to new forum members.

Don't be disuaded from posting even though it looks like there has been no activity on the public boards for a long time. This is because the team have a seperate area where we discuss investigations both future and current and often there is a fair amount of sensitive information that we can't or have been asked not to disclose to the public at large. There is one particular example of this where there are still living relatives in the area of spirits that have come through to us. These relatives may or may not know what we have uncovered but if they do they might not want it made public or they might not even know about the events we've uncovered. In this last case we think it prudent not to shout it about and it would be best to leave them in ignorance.

With all that said, Very few people seem to post here so we seldom post ourselves. If you want to contact us the please leave a post and we will CERTAINLY answer it.

It's good to have you here as new forum members and hopefully we'll be able to get together and perhaps induct you into the team proper at a later date. We ARE looking for new members so don't be shy and think you wouldn't be welcome or wouldn't fit in. We are people from all walks of life who get on really well, something extremely important in this line of work. All we want to know is that you'll fit in and get along with everyone. That is why we have social evenings once a month. It is a chance for us all to get together for a chin-wag and to get to know new people. Why not come along, just let us know you are coming.

Drew and the team.
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A general welcome to new forum members
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