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 my house

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PostSubject: my house   Sun Jun 24, 2007 2:04 am

Well most of you by now will know that my house has its fare share of bumps bangs and orbs bounce if not dust, anyway im religated to the front room sofa untill i can shake of this cough and cold which i,ve seemed to have had for ever Sad Most nights pass of without event Rolling Eyes but the other night i had quite a fright i was lay watching tv after finishing on computor at about 1.30am just to chill out for a few minutes before going to sleep i had just turned of the tv and was geting back to the sofa as i turned round there was a large dark shadow on my livingroom wall not like me to panic i did and dived under the quilt and thats where i stayed untill morning, it just felt so uneasy/nasty i,ve had the odd feeling a time or to since then but no shadow i,ve took to putting myself in a bubble while im watching tv on my own hoping i didn,t bring back our friend from bramcote Exclamation coz it gave me that uneasy feeling we got from there anyway once i,ve done spring/summer/winter cleaning i,ll get you guys to come over see what you think.
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PostSubject: Re: my house   Wed Jun 27, 2007 1:13 am

Looking forwrd to the possibility of that happening but if it does appear again, tell it to go beck to where it originated. It may not work but it might just realise that it is not welcome and go away.
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my house
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