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 With regards to Ghosts Of Nottingham

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PostSubject: With regards to Ghosts Of Nottingham   Thu Jun 14, 2007 1:53 am

We wish to make mention of the fact that prior to forming SPIRIT, we were the investigation team for Ghosts Of Nottingham.

Our departure is in no way due to any enmity within the organisation and the split was amicable. Drew was the public head of Ghosts Of Nottingham with Pam, the owner, working more behind the scenes. Due to a great deal of pressure inherent in the position, a busy life, and the fact that massive team changes had meant that there was no-one sufficiently confident to take on greater roles within the group and relieve some of the pressure, Drew felt he needed to relinquish the role and leave the organisation.

Obstensively, the idea was to take a step back, perhaps join another team purely as an investigator or spend time developing what seemed to be an emerging level of mediumship. However, the members comprising the investigation team all felt that the group that had come together so recently was so strong that it shouldn't be split up and none of us wanted to lose the contact and friendship that had grown in a very short space of time.

This meant that there was an investigative group with no identity but an enthusiasm and ability surpassing anything any of us had known previously and following a meeting in May it was decided that we should become a new organisation under a new name. This meant that every member felt they had an equal part int the team's growth and allows others to confidently take on specific roles within the group. Ghosts of Nottingham was such a long standing and well established organisation that the newer members felt too new to take on a larger role and the weight of expectation we all placed on our membership created pressures within itself, something which does not apply within SPIRIT.

We will continue to espouse the ethos by which Ghosts of Nottingham conducted itself and its investigations.
-We will offer respect to any spirits that may wish to contact us.
-We will always ask spirit if it wishes help to pass from the place it inhabits.
-We will always treat locations and spirits within with the respect and dignity they deserve.
-We will not actively seek to bring or call spirits to a location.
-We will not use means that could lead to a passage by which malevolent spirits may enter a location.
-If a location should be a private residence we shall be discreet and not discuss any findings outside the team and owner unless given express written consent by said owner.
-If in a private residence, any phenomena captured on any media will be presented with as full a report as possible to the owner, and said owner will have the right to say how it is used, if at all. The original evidence will, however, remain the property of SPIRIT and may be used discreetly when building evidence of genuine paranormal episodes.
-All sites are responsive to differences in weather conditions, seasons, etc. A wooden building will produce creaks and groans as temperatures fluctuate, so it is vital that a series of investigations takes place in a location in order to rule out sounds and other phenomena that occur naturally within the location. Rule out the possible and the impossible must be real. (or something like that).
-SPIRIT will not work with another team on a single investigation or share a site at the same time. This is purely because (as most investigative teams know) you need to be able to know and trust every single person present at your location. That trust is built up through working and socialising together over a series of months and years so it cannot be replicated when working directly with another group. However, we are more than willing to co-investigate locations with other teams. The idea is that one team investigates a location and at a later date another team goes in and performs the same experiments to look for a correlation in the results. In this way, any phenomena detected or caught on media can be independantly verified or dismissed by the other team. We have a few sites that we wish to do such an investigation on over the next few months.

Members old and new from Ghosts of Nottingham are more than welcome to join our boards and participate in forum life. We wish GoN luck in regrouping and getting itself back up to full strength and hope that the reputation that it enjoys continues to grow.
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With regards to Ghosts Of Nottingham
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