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 The pub

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PostSubject: The pub   Thu May 31, 2007 10:40 pm

Last year we were lucky enough to get to run a pub for a while as we knew the previous landlady family friend, her experience of the pub differed some what to ours on her arrivel or soon after the celler
gas taps would switch off pictures would fly of the walls load bumps and bangs would be heard in the night affraid she was intersested in ghosts so it didn,t bother her to much untill she was pushed up the celler steps affraid we helped out behind the bar and i often had a feeling there was someone standing at the bar behind me but when i turned round there was no one there, this happened alot, we stayed in one of the rooms upstairs while we looked after it due to a holiday break taken by the landlady there was only us up there no guest were booked in we did hear creaks,bumps and bangs but put it down to the place being very old.
A few days later we had guest in upstairs so we chose to stay downstairs on the pub benches lol! narrow but comfy anyway in the morning my husband asked me if i,d been rubbing his feet during the night which i hadn,t he was then convinced that someone had, baring in mind that my hubby at this point was very sceptical and would find a reason behind most things that happened but this particular thing got him thinking.
A month or so later we took over the pub so we where there all the time now. my husband saw what looked like a shadow pass along the back wall of the "snug" there was noone in that room noone walked past the outside, that was the same room where i would feel someone at the bar, I got talking about it to one of the locals who turned out to be a past landlady who said that herself and family had seen shadows heard noises etc, and that on one occasion had turned to serve someone who asked for a bucket of water for his horse and a jug of ale, then vanished.
My husband was in the celler one night and he had not been to well so when i heard glass smashing i imagined that he had passed out or fell over with the bottles i,d asked him to fetch myself and the barmaid looked down the celler steps to see shattered glass all over the floor and my husband standing with all bottles in one piece asking us if we knew what had happened as he was in the other part of the celler a glass had fell of a shelf about 4ins from the floor and smashed into hundreds of tiny pieces as though it had been thrown from a height. Upstairs in the guest rooms one room in particular gave me the creeps it would never get warm and the door would always slam shut just as you got to it.Would have loved to got it proven but we left before we had chance i personly believe someone or something freqents the pub.
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The pub
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